Thursday, November 18, 2010

Eztrader , eztrader binary option trading platform

       EZTRADER  a scam or not a scam?  That is the question.  One that alot of people have been wondering about.  About a year ago, I found the site through another trading site.  There was an ad in the top left-hand corner that offered option trading with high returns of 65% to 80%.  Being a eye grabber, I ventured over and clicked on the ad.  The next thing I know, I see  EZTRADER .com,  the 'Binary Options Trading Platform'. So I began reading all of the content on this site that I thought was too good to be true.  I read everything from the privacy statement, terms and conditions, to about eztrader and even the section that says past expires . Now if anyone has ever read any of this stuff on any website they know that the underwriters that write and supply this kind of information are really good at what they do because most of doesn't even make sense.  But the reason for writing that kind of content is to cover the website's *** so they aren't liable for any of your losses basically to sum it up.  Next I deposited money into my account and decided to try this site out first hand.  So I made a safe deposit with a prepay card that couldn't get racked up a month from the date I made my first deposit incase this site turned out to be bogus.
        Now a little about myself before I go any further, I have trading on the stock market for some time and I like to beleive that I know what I am doing,  or at least lets hope so for the sake of my future and bank account.  I have been actively trading stocks of all sorts for about 5 years now and have had really great results with the U.S market.  So before I had actually pressed that submit button I picked up the phone and called 1- 877-846-1365 to see if someone would really pick up the phone and they did.  I found out that they were located in Cypruss London and I'm not gonna lie that didn't make me feel good in any way knowing that if for any reason there was a problem I couldn't track them down or even file a law suit due to the fact they're not located in the U.S.  So I did more research and looked all over the web for anything I could dig up on and found very little content that said they were a scam. When I returned to their website I finely made my deposit to Eztrader and at the same time filled out the registration form, which let me tell you they didn't ask for a SS or tax id.  This is great because at first I had thought they were another company that likes to collect personal information and take off with your life savings or even take over-seas loans out in your name. 

         So the way eztrader works is pretty simple, they offer binary options and you either call or put on any of their selection.  This includes long-term trades which are usually week long trades, currencies, commodities, EU markets, indices or U.S, markets.  Each option basically has a start time and a end time and will run for about 3 hours or so.  For example if you were to go into U.S. markets there are a list of popular stocks such as Google, Apple, J.P.Morgan, Dell, Intel, and Coca-Cola to name some of what they have to offer. So they give you two options call or put.  Call means that you are betting that the stock final price will be higher than the price you executed at.  For example if you choose to call on Dell and the price was 14.48 when your time is up to win that call stock prices would have to be over 14.49.  Oppositely, a put option would mean that your betting on the stock price going down.

         Sounds pretty simple right?  Well it is however you really need to do your research and watch the market all day to better your odds.  The other catch is that Eztrader does not go off the actual price of the stock at that given closing time they base there numbers on bid+asking+last/3= price.  So that means their final result will be close to the market price but not exact.  They definitely can get you there and you must remember that the market changes its prices every second during the day.

        My overall best results are with long-term option because you as the trader can pick options for an index fund like Nasdaq or the Dow Jones that are based an index performance and over say a week you have a better chance of seeing your pick in the money.  I would say using Eztrader has been so far a pretty good experience overall.  However, when and if you decide to give Eztrader a chance make sure you withdraw your money as you start to grow your profits.  The withdraw process is probably a worse experience than the profits you will gain from using Eztrader.

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