Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How to make money blogging for free.

 How To Make Money Blogging For Free 
        How To Make Money Blogging For Free? Is there a way to turn a profit from blogging with out spending allot of money? I was asked this question three time last week so I decided to write a article to reference to . How To Make Money Blogging For Free is a great question because there are ways to set up a blog and make money with them for no cost to you.

       The process i am going to lay out for you is relativity easy and any one can do it. Before I get going on these steps I wanna tell you a little about me self and how I got going. I have been blogging for some time now , when I started blogging I had very little knowledge on how this all works. I must have read two Hundred blogs about blogging and really never got my questions answered I basically had to figure this out on my own. So I thought by writing this post I could help some one out by laying all the steps out to save you a butt load of time.
             How To Make Money Blogging For Free

  •  Sign up at a free blogging service like Blogger or Wordpress.
  •  Once you are done  registering  you will need to pick a name for your blog
          This is very important , your blog should have a topic or a Niche. For example if your blog is about Remodeling For Beginners you are gonna want to choose a domain and a title that will explain what you are trying to get across to your readers like Remodeling For Beginners.

  •   Once your Title / Header and domain are set up you are ready to create a blog . Creating a template is were you have to be creative but do not confuse your readers with a unorganized blog because your readers wont return to your blog if they cant find what they are looking for .
  •    After you pick from the wide selection of blog templates you are ready to design your blog , I suggest you ad gadgets . For example I created this blog you are reading to show you an example of what I am talking about. Make sure you set up an AdSense account .
              AdSense are Ads that google displays on your blog, the AdSense program is in my opinion the best they will display relevant ads to match your content. The way AdSense works is when your readers come to your site and click through one of the AdSense ads google will pay you , yes its that simple.
  •   At this point you should be ready to create your posts, blogging is a very time consuming activity and if you don't put enough time into writing your content you wont be successful. So make sure you are writing and maintaining in your blog every day the more you write the better chances you will get traffic to your blog. Go to this link to read about Traffic, Blogging For Beginners,  Creating a Successful blog.

           At this point you should have set up a free blog , picked out your lay out of your blog and have AdSense displayed on your blog. After you have written a few pillar post you should be ready to market your blog and start to drive in the traffic . I suggest reading other blogs with the same topic to get ideas but stay original don't copy any one else. After you read Creating a Successful Blog and Increasing Traffic to your Blog you will have a better understanding on marketing, perform all the marketing steps and repeat and repeat again . Don't give up , once traffic starts to roll in you might want to look into amazon and other sites that offer products for you to sell on your blog that relate to your topics. That's called Affiliate programs I wont get into that now because that's a whole other lesson in its self so I wont confuse you but that's it and if you want to buy a custom domain then do so. I suggest buying a custom domain once you know your blog is getting the readers you want. So that should answer the the question how to make money blogging for free. 
                                   Reference to the tool area in this blog for great tools to increase your traffic.
            This should help you you make money blogging for free..Look at creating a successful blog for more tips on how to increase profits.

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