Monday, November 15, 2010

Increase blog traffic , instantly increase in blog traffic


                How To Increase Your Blog Traffic
               How to increase your blog traffic? Increasing your blog traffic is very important if you want readers. There are so many bloggers on the web today all with the same goal and that is to create a successful blog. Once your blog and its content has been perfected to the best of your ability then your ready to advertise in the market your blog falls into. Before you start the marketing process there is one thing I want you to think about and that is social marketing or social networking. These two techniques are very important for any one that whats a solid audience. Most bloggers are strictly after the traffic which will generate them revenue with  adsence or other affiliate programs. Which is necessary but some of the bloggers are actually hurting there image because there pushing the sale to quick . Half of the comments they leave will accusal back link to their site and the other half ignores them. Why loss 50% of your traffic source when you could leave a more inviting comment and make some kind of personal link connection with each other and gain a faithful audience that will continue to return to your blog . If your trying to increase your traffic to your blog read the list below for some helpful hints .

1. Supply rich informative content to your audience, also make sure that your blog has up to date content so your readers aren't reading content they saw on another blog. Right now your probably saying well this is not the first time I read a blog about increasing traffic , and yes you are right however I am focusing on not only increasing traffic but also social marketing and social networking.

2. Perform a google blog search on similar content as yours and read their blog don't just leave a comment that has no relevance to their article. However comment on topics that interests you or content you agreed with show a liking to the blogger and make an alliance. This technique will create a back link to your blog.

3. Then as reader visit your blog and comment about your post or article make sure to respond to there comment .

4. You can target your audience with rich keywords, check out google adwords they have a great keyword tool that will give you the best keywords for your topic or niche.

5. Network through facebook, twitter, diggit, blogarama and those are just a few to mention if you want to find more visit my website at The Money District for a list of site to launch your site.

6. Write an article at enzine article's to promote your blog , explain in your article how it will help other and if your post is about Increasing traffic to your blog like this post then explain how you can offer your readers a way to generate traffic that no one else can . But don't lie be truthful that's the only way to gain loyal reader that will continue to return to your blog.

7. Continue to write post and articles every day the more you write the better your results are going to be in the long run. You should be submitting at least a post a day.

8. Repeat this process over and over again .

            Start out on the right foot and don't piss off other bloggers by spamming on their blog and don't send out emails to every one you know trying to sell your content because that will get you a bad name. Send your blog to people in your life and ask them to read your blog, then kindly ask them to leave a comment or email you back with their likes and dislikes. This way you can fix any errors or supply more content if needed . By practicing these steps you will be able to increase your blog traffic.


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