Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Government employees owe back taxes

        Government Back Taxes

        Government Employees Owe three billion In Back Taxes , this morning I read an article on CNBC that blew my mind. The Government is now looking at their employees for 3.3billion dollars in back tax . Federal employees have the same rights as every one else, and I am sure the economy has put an dent in their wallet along with the rest of the world. However its about time the Fed's take a look in their own back yard. The list of Federal Agency's that owes taxes are:

1. The US Postall Services , A total of more than 283 million in back taxes.

2. Department of Veteran Affairs, Owe more than 156 million in back taxes.

3. Retired Military personnel, Owe 1.5 billion dollars.

4. Even employees in the White House about 2000 of them in exclusive positions owe 831,000.

    That's just a few of the Federal agency's that owes taxes to the IRS.This cant help the national debt percentage. The list also includes the Mining  Safety and Health Review Commission and the Federal Printing Office follow them at 11 percent of their employees owing back taxes. The Federal Government needs to fix the deficit , however its not right to single out if you do for one you have to due for all. The Gov should enforce this situation like they are normal citizens. The federal Government has bigger problems they have to worry about helping the work force or no one will be paying taxes and that's a fact. The economy has struggled since 2007 and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. If the Fed's pumped money into a program that would promote small business to rehire or hire again they could see a turn in this suffering economy. By setting up small business with repayable loans or non repayable grants or some sort of program that would help business to fund there operation growth. Business are failing because their not able to stay a float. Spending money is the key if more people had their incomes back they would spend but because there i a fair of  people wont spend . Eliminate that fair . The Fed's have programs they need to push , there so focused on the stock market which is not working . Some thing needs to be done this country is on its last leg the crime rate has sky rocketed over the last 3 years due to all the desperate people that are troubled the most. Did welfare take a degrease in there check because I think the one's that don't even work or contribute need to get a pay decrease as well. Their are to many people that take advantage of us and our good faith .

To read the article go to CNBC.


  1. great blog I agree

  2. have you read about the unemployment issue , they should focus on back taxes and not kicking people off their benefits


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