Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Federal Government makes cuts in Government salaries. To Deal With federal deficit.

                                 Federal Govenrment is having employee layoffs

      In today's news there was an article on more cuts and lay offs,I know what your saying what else is new but come to find out the Federal Govermert were the ones making the emplee lay off and there actions led to 95,000 in job loss this month aren't they supposed to be creating jobs not eliminating them.This must be the end of the stimulus,the recovery started June of 2009 and now in October 2010 the money is trickling out were did it all go.I know the state I live in has not spent a penny of their stimulus package yet what are they waiting for ? Sometimes I think a two year could run this country better than the government we elect to do the job.The country has not been in this kind of condition since the great depression,I thought we learned many lesions from those tragic times.We dont need the Govenrment to lay off employees.

        On a good note the Dow Jones is up over 11000 for the first time in five months ,lets hope it stays that way.There is trouble in the housing market today Fannie is holding back on foreclosures in 23 states .Fannie once again is have problems with the operations of its company,this time they cant figure out how to do paper work correctly.Fannie mae the mortgage company that buy mortgages from commercial lenders is holding up sales of homes that might have been foreclosed on bad faith.Can they really afford to do such a thing,The preparation of documents for these foreclosed homes were done half fast and now in the middle of sales the mortgage company decides to hold up sale to evaluate the situation a little closer you would think they would have done this already.The housing market is at its lowest in over a decade can they really afford these negligent actions ,will Fannie ever get out of the deep financial hole it has put its self in.When will the government come down on them i thought the feds were regulating them.For a company that is spending taxes payers money they seem to get away with all kinds of ****,Stock shares sit at .28 cents and don't seem to moving any time soon. Noyt good we don't need the Government to lay off emloyees.

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