Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Federal Government housing issue and stock market news..

     Today the stock market hit it off with great gains,with NASDAQ ending the day with 2,441.23 a +23.31
 gain and the Dow Jones ending at 11,096.08 with a 75.68 gain. The Housing market has buttomed  out completly. Department of Housing has held a meeting about all the forclosers and what to do with them?

    Is the stock market making on a come back or is this a fluke ,On Tuesday stokes rose after there was talk about the feds buying treasury bonds some time in September ,this is could quantitative easing.The feds should focus more on whats going on in the work force instead of dumping money into equity.The small and medium business are the ones that are really taking the beating as well as the once out of work if those two were stimulated then that would build confidence in the country.

                      The Government should dump the money into business in the form of a loan of some sort so they have to use it for hiring and building and not self profit or else they would have to pay it back right away.You get the point . I have a couple of friends that are business owners and they all have one thing to say,the economy is in shambles, Their biggest struggle is getting enough of work to keep their employee's busy enough to keep them ,How ever most if not all of them have been forced to lay off their workers to be able to stay in business. Medium and small companies along with the unemployed that aren't taking advantage of the system are the ones that have been affected the most by this recession , The Government should have targeted these small business right off the bat when everything took a turn for the worst and offered more than what was offered to the unemployed for continuing education programs and economist predicted allot of the term oil could have been avoided,Instead the Government gave bail outs to big companies like AIG that most certainly took advantage of there help and every company after that who took money did as well, in my opinion there all crooks. The United States Department of Housing which Fannie and Freddie are failing in the worst way.The office of Federal Housing is so UN organized. Where is the financial assistance act and why is the housing market failing.

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  1. fannie and freddie are dead , mike


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