Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Federal Unemployment News..... Umemployed benefits denied ....OH NO

Congress is supposed to meet and discuss what they are going to about the millions of jobless Americans that are on Unemployment Benefits . Is It even possibly to cut their unemployment benefits from them and wont that leave them and this economy in a worse position than we are all ready in. Congress says that employers are going to have a high unemployment insurance cost to foot for years to come and with that Congress thinks its best to cut the millions of Americans that have basically lost everything that they owed already from their unemployment benefits.

        Did Congress suffer at all during this economic down fall ? I don't think so they most likely profited from it , If the Government doesn't fix this mess they put all of us into they should kiss there jobs god buy. We as American people laid off or not have struggled enough and the more pressure they apply the more angry we get . Which is not helping any one so a little advise to Congress leave what little pay checks those that are laid off have alone because you wouldn't want to try explaining to your wife and kids why yo have to move or why they cant eat tonight and either do the rest of us. The Unemployment request for the deadline to move to February 28 2010 was denied , big mistake.

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  1. They better pass the extention


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